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What If We Told You That The Reason People Like Shawn Bolz, Oprah, And Todd White Are So Successful Is Because They Follow A Certain Set Of "Secrets"...

This program is exactly what you need to BREAKTHROUGH every obstacle you are facing and move effortlessly into the prophetic destiny God has prepared for you!

Dear coaches, business professionals, entrepreneur, public speakers, marketers, wealth builders, ministry workers, and anyone who wants to experience success-

Have you ever felt like God's been calling you to something more... but you're in a rut and can't seem to move forward?

Or maybe you feel like you should be more successful, but you just can't seem to get out of your own way and let God show you the path He wants you take.

It doesn't matter what it is that you want to accomplish - whether it has to do with finances, health, family, faith, or fun...

These things don't have to be out of reach for you anymore!

Here's the SECRET: 

There are things that successful people know that automatically attracts success to them (without them even trying.)

And once you're in the know, you'll be able to do the same. 

We don't know of anyone that's committed to these "secrets" that hasn't become successful in whatever area they choose. 

The bad news is...

...that many out in the world have used it only for their own personal gain and building their own kingdoms. People like Hitler, Stalin, and the Rockefellers have created massive earthly kingdoms using these “secrets” and have controlled and hurt many people. 

Other people like Bill Gates, Oprah, and Sam Walton have created huge brands and businesses by using these “secrets”. While these aren’t necessarily “good” or “bad”, it shows how powerful these “secrets” really are.

The good news is...

...that when we, as followers of Jesus, tap into these “secrets”, we can make a big impact on the Kingdom of heaven and it’s growth on this earth.

It gives us an unfair advantage because we can combine these “secrets” with the supernatural power of the Kingdom of heaven and the will of God to make an unprecedented impact in society.

That’s why Bethel Church in California is able to make the impact they're making and it’s also why the supernatural Christian movement is continuing to expand and grow.

So, what are these “secrets”?

These “secrets” are a way of thinking combined with the right action.

We call it living without limits.

It’s what the Bible calls “renewing the mind” and “repentance”. In the original Greek language, the word we translate as repentance actually means to “change the way we think”. The “way” we think is much more important than “what” we think, even though changing the way we think will change what we think.


You Have A Choice.

You can choose to think with limits or to think without limits.

A person who thinks himself to be poor and in lack will always be poor and in lack. This is why most lottery winners are completely broke within in 5 years. The way they think is keeping them poor.

In the same way, if we go through life seeing ourselves as successful, success will automatically manifest around us.

As it says in Proverbs, “As a man thinks, so he is.”

For example, this one criminal was asked how he became the most notorious criminal in South Carolina. 

He simply said it was because he believed himself to be the most notorious criminal. Because that’s what he focused on, it manifested and became true. It started with the way he thought.

This is why the Bible says in Matthew 6 that if we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things will be added to us.

By seeking these things first, the power of God and His righteousness will start manifesting in our lives and we will have no lack. 

This will change the way you think about everything in life.

For example, do you want to know how to get rid of worry for good?

It’s simple. All you do is start focusing on the Kingdom of God. When you do that, you’ll start realizing the truth that God takes care of you. And if God, who has no limits, is taking care of you, do you have anything to worry about?

No! And if there is nothing to worry about, worry disappears!

Our goal is to actually believe in everything that we have available to us as children of God. Because when we do, it starts to manifest in our lives!

Therefore, we get to live a life of no limits. Everything we desire will effortlessly come to pass and the Kingdom of God will grow in leaps and bounds.

So, how do we actually do this?

First of all, we must tap into the prophetic realm of the Spirit, where the Spirit of truth leads us into all truth.

Next, we must fully believe the truth that the Spirit shows us. It must grip our very being… to where we are fully persuaded in our minds and our hearts.

Then, we must live out of that truth. This is the key. Many people hear the truth, it takes hold for a season, but then they forget and it dies as does their dreams. It’s just like the parable in the Bible where the sower sows the seed. Some seed falls on rocky ground. It grows quickly, but because there is no root, it just as quickly dies and fades away.

The MOST IMPORTANT Key To Your Success...

In our many years of pursuing the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, We’ve discovered a very important factor in living the life of success that we are created for.

You must surround ourselves with good people that are there for us and keep us on track.

Otherwise, you'll hit a roadblock and give up. In fact, this is probably what you've done in the past. 

Think about it. 

Why aren't you currently walking in the everything God has called you to?

It's because you lost sight of that vision, life became too much and you simply let your dream fade away. Right? 

Well, this time it's going to be different. 

We want you to join hands with us so we can help you actually step into the destiny that you were created for. You don't have to try to do it alone anymore. 

This is why we want to invite you to be part of a special group called the Prophetic Round Table.

In this group we pursue the truth of God together and you'll be surrounded by good people that will cheer you on and help you step into that truth. 

Meet Rene & Amber Picota

They have an apostolic call from God to change the world. They love to encourage people to step into their destiny and dream bigger dreams with God. Their passion is to raise up leaders and release them into their calling by teaching them how to tap into their divine flow and discover their true identity.

If you decide to work with us, you will not recognize your life a year from now!

We are talking about having a clear vision for your future, specific strategies, results you can measure, and a fail proof master game plan to help you achieve your goals and live the life you always wanted in as little as 30 days! Guaranteed.

Introducing -  
“Prophetic Round Table”


The Community Where People Help Each Other Live A Life That Matters!

As a member, here's what you'll get to help you change your life and become the person God created you to become...

"The Prophetic Round Table videos have given me the push that I needed to keep going. God was able to open my eyes through Rene's videos. I was reminded that my God will never let me down and is always surrounding me. Like Elisha and the servant, I have hope in the little. Thank you Rene for helping me see clearly. This is such a gift from God!!!"


30 Days Until Your Breakthrough Master Class

The cornerstone of the Prophetic Round Table is 30 Days Until Your Breakthrough.

In these life-changing 30-days, you'll experience:

  • A powerful shift in your life where you'll suddenly start believing in your ability to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.
  • New ways of thinking that help you tap into your supernatural potential through the Holy Spirit. 
  • Simple ways of taking a big God dream and turning it into daily steps that are ridiculously easy to accomplish.
  • A dramatic change in whatever it is you focus on during the first 30 day period... It can be relationships, business ideas, hobbies, dreams, etc.
  • Plus much more!

30 Days Until Your Breakthrough is valued at $297.00, but it's yours FREE when you join Prophetic Round Table today.

You’ll discover the true principles of success according to the Bible, that we’ve learned in our 20+ combined years of leadership, and you’ll be empowered to break through no matter how many times you’ve messed up in the past.

Value: $297 

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Private Facebook Community

The main part of the Prophetic Round Table is the private Facebook community where you’ll be able to chat with other members, ask questions, give insights, and get coaching from both of us, Rene and Amber Picota.

As part of this group, you’ll receive…

  • Monthly Training Videos

    In these videos we look at the truth behind different areas of our lives. We’ll look at areas in our complete being… in our body, soul, and spirit.

    These videos will take you deeper into the revelations of the Kingdom of heaven and the righteousness of God that we have been given as children of God.

    You’ll also get access to all of the archived videos from past months that you can go through.


  • Weekly Facebook Live Sessions

    In these sessions we will be answering your questions about the monthly topic, coaching you through any breakthrough you’re going after, and prophetically ministering and mentoring to you.


  • Daily Declarations

    To help you keep going strong every day, you’ll be receiving declarations that go along with that month’s topic. These will keep you focused and thinking right about your identity as a child of God.

Value: Priceless

Basically, you’ll be part of a group that uses the power of the Prophetic to release you into your destiny and will help you dream again.

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With the coaching you'll get directly from us (Rene & Amber Picota) in the community, you'll also receive our most well received digital recourses completely FREE. These resources will help you more fully step into the life God has designed for you. 

Combined, they have a value of $155.00. Yours FREE when you join Prophetic Round Table today.

1. You'll get Prophetic Boot Camp Video Course - ($27.00 Value) that will show you exactly how to tap into the prophetic power of God and use it to activate your destiny and step into your life dreams while your friends & family watch on.

2. You’ll get the Broke No More Bundle - ($54.00 Value), which will help you get out of debt and increase your credit score since a lack of finances is one of the biggest things that keep people from their destinies. You’ll discover supernatural and practical principles that helped me get rid of $40,000 in debt and raise a friend’s credit score from 400 to 720 in less than 30 days!

3. You’ll get Supernatural Breakthrough Video Course - ($47.00 Value) that will take you into the realm of heaven and includes powerful advice to change the spiritual atmosphere around you so that you can pull dreams out of heaven and align with the will of God for your destiny.

4. You’ll get 10 Keys To Unlocking Your Prophetic Destiny audio download - ($27.00 Value) that goes through 10 Biblical Keys to discovering and walking effortlessly into your destiny. Again, these are keys that King David & King Solomon followed to almost effortlessly become the best Kings ever.

All in all, this interactive community will…

  • Help you experience and fall completely in love with God, where you’re knees go weak and you can’t get enough of Him.
  • Set you free from the fears that have kept you from dreaming and stepping into those dreams. You’ll no longer worry about what people will say or do when you step outside of the box they’ve created for you.
  • Help you dream new dreams that are more real and bigger than you’ve ever imagined because you’ve let go of all limits and embraced the mind of God. This will also dramatically increase you life passion.
  • Give you the proven keys from Proverbs to put your dreams and visions into goals that are fun to complete because of child-likeness.
  • Help you tap into supernatural power and energy on a daily basis as you spend time in the presence of God. Gives you energy to keep going no matter what happens!
  • Change your perspective, making every moment more positive and exciting.
  • Show you exactly how to live a well-rounded life where every part of your life is exploding with breakthrough. This way you don’t get burned out in certain areas of your life as you step into your destiny.
  • Give you a clear vision for the future so you no longer have to question what God is doing and where He wants you to go.
  • Help you overcome every single problem that comes your way to try and discourage you from keeping on.
  • Plus, much, much more!
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Just take the following testimony as an example

"Listening to Rene talk about my prophetic destiny led me to get up and take those first steps. He motivated me to fulfill my calling. I have always been one to sit and watch God change lives from the sidelines, but I never really made that initial step to strengthen my relationship with Him. Rene helped me realize that I didn't have keep making excuses. Rene guided me by letting me see that my time is now. Little by little I have learned so much by putting God first through Rene's teaching. I am so excited to see where God leads me to next!"


Not only can you have an experience like Mark did... I'm going to Guarantee it with my Change-Your-Life Guarantee!


Change Your Life Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% risk free Change Your Life Guarantee. If the Prophetic Round Table community doesn't help you change your life and start stepping into the life God has designed for you, just let us know by emailing us within the next 30 days and we'll send you a prompt refund, no questions asked. 

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It's Time For You To Create The Future And Live The Life You Were Designed To Have...

Just imagine, finally awakening the dreams you’ve had to change the world and be used powerfully by God!

However, that’s not the main benefit you’ll receive from being part of the Prophetic Round Table.

The biggest benefit is that you get to be able to provide a future for your children where they can build off of everything that you’ve walked in. And you get to impact many people with the dreams you have.

That’s what really matters.

If you’re still reading, it’s time for you to sign up for the Prophetic Round Table right now.

Every month you're getting to interact with us live, ask us any questions, access a new training video, and receive a daily declaration to encourage you and keep you going.

The question is: How much is a community like this worth to you?

Would you be willing to pay $200 per month to walk into your God-given destiny and live the life you were meant to live?

Well, we're not going to charge you even $100. In fact, we're not even going to charge you half of that.

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However, to make sure it’s really something that’s for you, we're going to let you try it out for a full 14 days for only $1!

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Why is it not free? Because you don’t need another hand out. You need a hand up! You need to get on your feet. You need to get your life in order.

Sign up today because the Prophetic Round Table will cap off at 200 people! Only 10 spots left. 

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  1. You're credit card will automatically be charged the monthly price of $37 once the 14-Day trial is over.
  2. The Platinum Level does not include a trial because of the time commitment for the coaches.
  3. If you join on the November 28th your membership will go for thirty days of the following month. At that time, you will be renewed in the program you selected unless a cancellation is made. If a cancellation is made within three business days of an automated billing a refund may be issued however no refunds shall be done after three business days of the charge date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I trust the Guarantee? It’s a scary world out there and sometimes people scam you, especially online, but you have nothing to worry about. Not only do we fully stick to our guarantee, we won’t ask you any questions to try and make you stay a member if you do decide that the membership isn’t for you.
  • Will this really work for me, because I've really messed up my life? You need to realize, that we've all messed things up and we've all missed some things. However, I'm convinced that you can follow the principles laid out in this membership and see incredible transformation in your life. It all depends how committed you are to the group and the teachings for you to be able to get your desired outcome.
  • What if I'm already in my older years? It's never too late to dream and go after your destiny. Martha Steward didn't start till after 40. Harry Bernstein authored countless rejected books until he got his first hit age 96. So, never think you're too late to get started.
  • Why this membership instead of something else? Personally, I haven't really seen anything that is just like Prophetic Round Table. Not only do you get solid training, every month we're going to look at different areas of your life and help you get a prophetic vision for that area to live a fully rounded lifestyle as a child of God.
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What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Let’s say you join, find out that it’s not for you. Then you simply contact us and we give you a full refund.

And that’s worst-case scenario.

However, let’s say you join and in the next month you find yourself falling more in love with God than ever before. Let's say you start dreaming more and stepping into those dreams. Let's say you get the strength & courage to take hold of the calling that God has for you.

Truth is, this could be the reality.

However, unless you join today, you’ll never know.

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"Rene was able to break down my divine assignment for me. I was able to comprehend how to understand the prophetic words I have received. I finally feel like I'm no longer stuck and I just keep going up-higher and higher. Rene Picota knows what he is talking about. His teachings and steps have taken me out from under the rock and into the sunlight. I couldn't be any more happier with this purchase."


"The Prophetic Round Table videos have given me the push that I needed to keep going. God was able to open my eyes through Rene's videos. I was reminded that my God will never let me down and is always surrounding me. Like Elisha and the servant, I have hope in the little. Thank you Rene for helping me see clearly. This is such a gift from God!!!"


"Pastor Rene's teachings have made things become so clear and helpful. The way Rene explained how to make my life calling come to pass truly allowed me to get my head in the game and follow through with my duties. The coaching calls showed me what a great man of God Rene truly is. Knowing the I had someone rooting for me the whole way through and guiding me was simply amazing. Thank you Pastor Rene!"


"The videos Rene has made really have made things clear and so easy for me to understand. Church once a week isn't really enough to get in touch with the Lord and successfully fulfill our calling. Step by step Rene informs us on what we need to be doing and implementing it into our lives. With the weekly coaching calls I am able to stay on track and motivated and the feedback from Rene is wonderful. I have noticed a significant change in my life because of this product!"


"The prophetic anointing on the videos really put the icing on the cake for me. It is always great to have feedback and the fact that it is coming from a pastor like Rene makes it all worth while. Rene definitely knows what he is doing!"


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Pastors Rene & AmberPicota
Kingdom Bliss Ministries

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